What if?

I have just been reading a wonderful book, written by Dr Nido Qubein who speaks words of wisdom in a truly inspiring way.What if

He talks about how you can and should find fulfilment in yourself; how you can “get anything you want”.  Our blockages are often a result of not knowing what we want and we have forgotten how to dream.

We spend much of our childhood with great ideas, wild dreams and enormous belief. Nothing is impossible. We aspire to being astronauts, explorers, doctors. We create games, our imaginations running wild and untamed.

As we grow, we have our wings clipped as we conform to a stereo-type of what others believe we should be. We work hard through school and pass exams that test our powers of recollection and technique. We are asked what job we want to pursue when we are older.

And then we enter the grown-up world of work. Our job may not be a 9-5 anymore. It is more likely to be longer days with shifts spread over the full seven days. We lose the time and space to be creative and imaginative. We feel trapped, caught between the need to survive financially and emotionally. Very few people leap out of bed every morning with glee and happiness.

So, reading Nido’s book again reminds me of how important it is to look at your life and to reassess where you truly want to be. To dream again. And then take action. A dream without commitment and action is just a dream. He reminds us that we are all unique. We all have different talents and abilities, opportunities, personality and self-image.

What If:

All your dreams can come true?

    You can become the person you’d like to be?

        The world is waiting for the unique contribution you can make?

            Life can be as full and rewarding as you hope it can be?”

Our limitations are often those imposed upon ourselves by ourselves. By our limiting beliefs, by our excuses, by our fears or laziness or bad habits. We cannot affect how others respond to us, where we are born, the colour of our skin BUT we can affect the way in which we respond to our circumstances. Taking charge of our own lives will generate rewards.

Lose the words – Can’t, But, If only. Dare to dream. Break free from your comfort zone. Embrace the “what if”.

Become the person you already are” Nido Qubein


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