What a fantastic response – networking at the Dearne Valley Business Centre

It takes three groups of individuals to make our networking sessions successful.   Firstly, a group of professionals prepared to share their knowledge and wisdom on their specialist subjects, secondly attendees prepared to get ‘stuck in’ and learn from everyone there and finally some promises with coffee, teas and snacks.

Well what a day we had, supported by

  • The Chamber of Commerce – Sarah Hattersley,
  • Finance for Enterprise – Pam Goodison,
  • Launchpad – Julia Millea
  • RIDO – Bob Langley and Martyn Benson,
  • Unimax (CRM) – Becky Hanson,
  • The LinkedIn Lady – Judy Parsons
  • Novus Marketing – Brett Riley-Tomlinson, Nicola Pearson and Stephen Caile (social media and film crew)
  • Emma Hollings Photography – Emma Hollings

Having arranged everything, all we needed was some attendees.  It’s a bit like holding a party, will anyone turn up, will they be late, will they enjoy themselves!   Well the first guest arrived 30 minutes early, followed by a steady stream until the centre was full.

What a buzz, it was fantastic to take a couple of seconds just to hear the noise of lots of people networking.  Every room was full, everyone was engaged, everyone seems to have enjoyed the event.

It was great to meet some new people who hadn’t been to a network before – they were nervous at the start but got stuck into the event and met some great new contacts.

Several of the guests taking the opportunity to update their photograph for their marketing or social media.

We also gave everyone the opportunity to practise and record their 30 second elevator pitch covering the following: –

  • Their name
  • Their company
  • What their business does
  • What are the benefits to the customer
  • What makes them unique

Several videos were shot and will be going out on social media in the next few weeks.

Finally, we were uncertain about holding a networking event, but as we are told and have read ‘Feel and fear and do it anyway’.   We felt the fear and have thoroughly enjoyed the day.  Many thanks to everyone who made it so successful.

Next one is planned for Tuesday April 10th – tickets will be through Eventbrite


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