JT Foxx transforms our performance and vision

We met JT Foxx 15 months ago, the story below is our journey, about the effect he and his team have had on our lives.   We thank him for his belief and know there is much more to come.

Our Goals:-

  • Independence
  • Financial freedom – through property
  • Set up a treatment unit to support 18-25 yrs olds with mental health problems in the UK

Before you can help others you need to be able to support yourself.    When we met JT Foxx, we owned 5 ‘Buy to Let’ properties – all high quality and generating some income but not enough to give up work.  We thought we had done quite well – as students of Legacy we had proven we were coachable and open to new ideas but needed help and support to move to the next level.

Our reason WHY

Our middle daughter, Fiona, has been suffering from mental health problems since she was in year 11 at school (15yrs).    Support to start with was good – daily visits and sufficient one on one therapy.   The challenge came the day she turned 18 and was removed from the caring supportive unit she was attending.  Now classified as an adult the level of support disappeared.   It is well known that the brain is does not fully developed until you are 25/26 but for some reason in the UK your care plan stops the day you turn 18.

Meeting JT Foxx

JT Foxx blew into our lives through a Legacy training event, where he showed us a vision for the future that was bigger and more successful than we had envisioned ourselves.

First coaching by JT Foxx – April 16

We knew we needed to be successful in a short period of time. We had big plans.

JT often recounts the hesitation we demonstrated. We felt we had done well in our first year in business. But he suggested we could achieve so much more. We decided to attend

JT Foxx and The Family
JT Foxx and the Hollings Family – Stephen, Fiona, Julia, Emma and Pippa

the follow up two day workshop. The added bonus that we could bring our teenage children. What better education can you provide to them than the inspiration from someone of JT Foxx’s calibre?




The two day event brought us to the true realisation that coaching is an essential element to success. It saves time, money and stress. Why not learn from others mistakes? “ A wise man learns from his mistakes, a genius learns from others”

We bought ‘All in’, and have seen that decision as a turning point in our journey.

Our Journey……so far

Our confidence, clarity and hence success have followed. We have been coached by the best and met some astonishing and inspirational people.

Julia & Stephen Hollings with John Travolta FR2
Meeting John Travolta at the Family Reunion – Nov 16

We have been to High Point University to spend a day with Nido Qubein and been coached by Damien Elston and Steve Maranville.


Julia, Stephen and Pippa Hollings at High Point University – July 16

Next we spent three days at JT Foxx’s house being coached by JT, Wayne Allen Root and Joseph Michelli learning from world class coaches, every session filled with great content and support.

JT Foxx’s House – July 2016

The third major programme we undertook was the ‘Dream Team’ in London – four days with Jason Gilbert, Kevin France and Cherie Eilertsen – three world class business leaders helping to shape our strategy and direction.

Dream Team – September 16 Kevin France, SH, Cherie Eilertsen, JH, Jason Gilbert

It was at the Dream Team that we set to date to open our unit for 18-25 year olds with mental health problems – 31st October 2019.   This was a defining time for all our planning and focus – we were already running late.

With JT Foxx still ringing in our ear – ‘Don’t do your best – do what it takes’ – ‘Persistence’ – ‘Follow up and follow through’ – ‘Remain authentic and relevant’ and many others.  Phrases and saying that have kept us going, motivated and focused.

In addition to the courses and sessions we have listened and re-listened to the JT Foxx CDs picking up something new to act upon each time.  Equally the book and wealth work out have added addition layers of confidence and motivation.


Without going into detail, having a seriously ill daughter in hospital 400 miles from where you live could have given us excuses to give up, delay, procrastinate, but we haven’t.  We used it as a catalyst and driver for our endeavours.  The JT Foxx organisation has helped carry us, support us and give us the focus during some very difficult months.

The Outcome

In the 12 months since meeting JT Foxx we have launched 3 new businesses, given up the day job and will turnover in excess of £1M with a healthy margin.  This could not have been achieved without the support of our coach – Jason Gilbert who has helped guide us through the tumultuous year.


My Head Office is a business centre created from a converted disused church – aimed at people working from home or small businesses.  The aim is to deliver a culture within the centre where everyone runs their own business yet can learn from each other.  We introduce them to the Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Small Businesses and many other supporting agencies to help with PR, social media, marketing etc.  Ten small offices for ten businesses.  Its taken time to grow awareness but at last we are getting traction and interest is improving.

Hollings Homes builds high quality residential houses for a premium price.  Solid concrete floors with underfloor heating throughout.  Uniquely designed with excellent accommodation and location.   The first two should be completed by March 2018 leading on to a programme over the next few years.

It is worth recalling how we managed to secure our first project.  We heard of an opportunity on a Tuesday morning and crunched the numbers as an exercise, talking to our angel investor they surprisingly agreed to raise all the capital to buy the plot. This was three times what we were originally requesting.  We then spent Wednesday undertaking due diligence, talking to local experts in their fields and confirmed the availability of the angel funding.  Thursday morning we saw the plot and bought it at auction that afternoon.

We followed the JT Foxx model of – ‘What’s the best thing that can happen, what’s the worst thing that can happen and what is the most likely outcome…….5,4,3,2,1 DECIDE.   We recently got planning permission to build two five bed executive homes on the site – now that is a result.

And the hospital?

In addition to the business successes we have been able to push our ambition to gain greater support for 18-25 yrs olds with mental health problems.   We have managed to gain exposure in The Sunday Times, Daily Mail, BBC, ITN, SKY, Channel 5, Radio 5 Live

ArticlesAll of this coverage is having an effect on the debate within the UK – all major political parties are now more focused on mental health care than ever before.  Charities have told us that we have led the way opening up the conversation by putting our heads above the parapet and sharing our story.    We used every piece of advice from Wayne Allen Root and others to ensure we got into the press and have remained there over the last 12 months.


JT Foxx has opened our eyes to what we can achieve. He has believed in us even when we had doubts and mountains to climb.  He has given us the confidence to grow and believe all that is attainable.

JT Foxx promised it would be hard work, we would have to dig deep, keep going when other say we will fail.   All of these have proved so accurate – always go the extra mile – it is less crowded.



3 thoughts on “JT Foxx transforms our performance and vision

  1. Thank you for sharing this blog! Coaching is essential for results. All the best with your future endeavours! It was great meeting you in London and hope to meet you soon again!


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