Why Brexit doesn’t matter!

Recently, I have been absorbed, as many of us have, by the endless twists and turns  surrounding Brexit with some very passionate beliefs being argued. However in the back of my mind has been the thought – ‘none of this really matters’. There is a phenomenon that is going to bring far greater change to […]


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What a fantastic response – networking at the Dearne Valley Business Centre

It takes three groups of individuals to make our networking sessions successful.   Firstly, a group of professionals prepared to share their knowledge and wisdom on their specialist subjects, secondly attendees prepared to get ‘stuck in’ and learn from everyone there and finally some promises with coffee, teas and snacks. Well what a day we had, […]

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GDPR – There is no escape

You may have heard the expression, but what does it mean, how will you have to change your business?  To learn more, I attended an excellent presentation yesterday hosted by Brett Riley-Tomlinson of Novus Marketing Solutions. Rumours of fines if you do not comply have certainly focused the mind. So, in summary what did I […]

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What if?

I have just been reading a wonderful book, written by Dr Nido Qubein who speaks words of wisdom in a truly inspiring way. He talks about how you can and should find fulfilment in yourself; how you can “get anything you want”.  Our blockages are often a result of not knowing what we want and […]

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